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Unique and amazing Foundation course in Urban Life & Food Growing.

A unique opportunity to learn about food growing from seed to seed and go on a real journey from March to Nov one Saturday a Month. From Permaculture to Bioynamic…Biodiversity to Beauty…Seed saving to Preserving in very small or big growing spaces with passionate tutors in a thriving community at an amazing venue – on the roof of a supermarket! Do you want to learn how to grow food and live in the City with a balcony or a garden? Do you want to learn how to grow organically and create an environment for bees and butterflies with other like minded people? Do you want to go on an exciting year journey learning different methods to increase your yield (Permaculture, Biodynamic) while improving the space you live in …without costing the Earth? We are so excited here at FOOD from the SKY to offer Seed2Seed: Foundation course in Urban Food Growing for our third year running!

‘A great way to learn about the growing year-whatever your level of experience and whatever your available growing space. A wonderful overview of what you need to know and an opportunity to get a taster of different but complimentary growing ‘philosophies’. A lovely way to learn and to share with like minded people.’ ‘The way we learned through sharing and supporting each other.’

 – Wendy Rowan, Devine Chocolate

FAQs We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Course Outline:

Month Theme Content outline
March/April Soil, Sun, Water and Container Basics.Planning, fertilisers
  • Learn what makes good container soil
  • Mix compost and sow seeds to take home
  • Consider sun and wind and how it affects what you can grow
  • Learn about natural fertilisers and how to make them, including comfrey tea and wormeries.
  • Make a potting mix and learn to transplant seedlings.
  • Find out about soil life and how to nurture it.
  • Make a growing plan for your own space.
May Bees and other pollinators
  • Learn and identify different urban pollinators and their habits and habitats
  • Learn about how to create a wild urban flower meadows
  • Learn about natural ways to prevent pests and disease, including rotation & companion planting.
June Permaculture
  • Understand the founding ethics and principles of permaculture
  • Discover how working with nature, you can increase productivity, while reducing work and waste.
  • See how permaculture tools can be applied to your own life to creatively solve problems.
  • Learn about forest gardens, as one application of permaculture.
July Beauty in Sustainability
  • Create a beautiful growing space using recycled items and natural forms.
  • Learn about structures to maximise space and yields, including self watering containers.
August Plan your winter growing space
  • Review of growing year so far, analyse success/failures.
  • Plan your winter growing activities.
September Biodynamic in the City
  • Find out how biodynamic techniques can improve the quality, taste and quantity of your produce – including the influence of the moon and the constellations.
October Preserving and seed saving.
  • Learn the theory and practise of seed saving.
  • Find out about different ways to preserve your harvests, including bottling and jams.
November Plan your next year Content will be tailored to your group’s needs and may include:

  • Planning your next growing season.
  • How to engage your community in your project.
  • Ongoing support and networking.