About Us

Our Vision is:

To grow Life, Food and Communities on our most cemented places & to plant seeds in people heart!

‘FOOD from the SKY‘ is a collaboration between Thornton’s Budgens supermarket in North London and Azul-Valerie Thome – It is a Permaculture community garden growing food to sell in the supermarket below while providing a learning and educational space for the different part of the communities. We are growing vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs grown to organic standard with children and other members of our diverse community – sold through the store 10 metres below. We harvest every Friday, so for the freshest, local produce check out our display stand in the Budgens store.


SEED2SEED: We are in our third year running  a training programme, a foundation course on food growing, biodiversity and on living a sustainable life in the city called seed2seed .  They are aimed at children, adults and elders alike and cover  basic common sense about living a conscious, gentle and courageous  life on our planet.  We are also developing a series of workshops for teachers and for people in the food industry. in 2013 – ‘FOOD from the SKY’ is run by an Urban Food Grower, 2 apprentices and volunteers. Once a month the 4 directors meet with the Grower.  Azul-Valerie Thome is still the ambassador for FOOD from the SKY. We have started a pioneering project that we aim to set up as sustainably as possible following the ancient roots of the Permaculture ethicsWe are also planning to have a few Warre hives in the near future, following the Natural bee keeping method. We will provide courses in the summer on the roof. Our project is addressing issues like ‘food security’, ‘deep biodiversity’, resilience, retailing  and how we can affect change from within the industry, using food as a fertile and healthy vehicle for change. Thornton’s Budgens team of 200 people, the volunteers and many unseen relationships are enriching our lives here in Crouch End.

We are putting together a template in the form of a Book,  for other organisations and supermarkets to meet their CSR in a dynamic and beautiful way involving our full community of the young and the old humans, bumble bees, butterflies and other bugs, wild flowers and organic food while keeping in mind that we need to leave our Home better than when we found it.  Life is back on our roof!

THE ROOF IS CLOSED until further notice!

FOOD from the SKY is a world first – A pioneering Permaculture food growing and educational initiative on the roof top of Thornton’s Budgens supermarket, Crouch End, North London. ‘A new template for our future’. We grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits to organic standard that are harvested and sold 10 meters below to the Thorntons Budgens supermarket. 10 meters from Soil to Shelf! FOOD from the SKY is about inspiring and growing a healthy and sustainable relationship with food in cities and with our supermarkets. We are doing this through food growing on roofs and running educational programmes for individuals, schools, supermarket’s team members and organisations. By establishing an alternative approach to food production and consumption, we intend to build a 12 steps template that can be easily used by other community groups, supermarkets and organisations.