FOOD from the SKY compost give away

Hi there dear friends We have tonnes of beautiful compost to give away (£ contribution welcome to help with the move) to any and everyone who would want to come up the roof and pick it up! Friday 21st Feb: 9am to 5pm Saturday 22nd Feb: 10am to 3pm Tuesday 25th Feb: 9am to 5pm- … Continue reading

2 more weeks before our TAKING OFF

FFTS-the big move

Hell all and first of all a BIG THANK YOU!!!! for all your help, support, encouragement and community spirit of the last 3 weeks…thank you! NEWS: Time has a particular energy in that it keeps moving ;-)…and it seems to be moving super fast :-/ the rain and wind have needed much attention and few people came … Continue reading

YOUR HELP is very much NEEDED the next 3 weeks!


Dear all, friends of FOOD from the SKY a big thank you for all your support so far in finding a new space.  We are following most of your suggestions and will keep you updated with what emerges on that front. Meanwhile we only have 3 weeks to go before the BIG MOVE on 28th … Continue reading


Hi there I hope that the weather is not causing any harm where you are because here in London it is WILD!!! The roof at FOOD from the SKY, Crouch End, will be CLOSED between the 24th Dec 4pm to 3rd January 2014 9am. Poppy will be on the roof welcoming volunteers on Friday 3rd … Continue reading

Welcome to Poppy and farewell to Jack!

Welcome Poppy!!! <3

Dear all friends and supporters of FOOD from the SKY we have a very good news as we wrap up our amazing 2013! After weeks of advertising, selecting and interviewing we now have a new grower as we wrap up our 4th year on the roof….yes 4 years! (The seed of the idea was planted … Continue reading

Our two 2013 apprentices are growing roots and ‘seeding’ change!

Ed and Chrissie celebrating with FFTS team

Our second year at FOOD from the SKY of providing urban food growing apprenticeship has proven very successful and a very happy moment to celebrate with you all. The vision of growing budding urban food growers since 2012 has come to fruition with 100% success ! Four of the four apprentices  are actually growing food. … Continue reading

Finance- Diversity- Apprenticeship and Seeds – mini harvest 2013


Dear all we really wanted to share some of our ‘harvest ‘ 2013.  While being super busy with the completion of our second year of apprenticeship, our own harvest, our Seed2Seed course and of course the Freedom Seed Bank Festival on the 5th oct and Vandana Shiva conversation on the 13th we still wanted to communicate. … Continue reading

This week on the roof is EXCITING!!! and sunny!!!

Early june 2013 145

When I thought about the next few days and what was and will be happening on this roof on the top of a supermarket in North London …well I thought it was pretty amazing that this once upon a time dead space was now a hub of opportunity and activities, meetings and learnings! Here is a … Continue reading

The roof’s life in May in photos for your enjoyment and ours! :-)

May harvest by grower,apprentices and volunteers

A warm welcome to Chrissy and Ed the new apprentices!

Jack and I are really excited to welcome Chrissy and Ed, the new apprentices of FOOD from the SKY! Chrissy and Ed will learn and grow with Jack and all the directors for the next 9 months.  They will be on the roof 2 days a week and will join some of the Saturdays as well as some of the … Continue reading


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