‘Patterns under the Plough’ a Festival not to miss if you love Food, Land and Stars…


FOOD from the SKY is one of the  happy partners of ‘WestCountry Story Festival  24th Aug to 27th Aug – Patterns under the Plough’ is the theme of this year’s Festival paying homage to George Ewart-Evan’s inspirational book.  The focus of many stories at the festival will be the land on which we stand.  Patterns under … Continue reading

Events for the summer…update

16th sept harvest

We’re sorry to report that we have decided to cancel the Summer Garden party that was scheduled for next Friday.  We’ve been discussing the challenges as a team over the weekend, and feel the difficult weather conditions are a real hindrance to working on outdoor events at the moment. We really wanted to join together … Continue reading

Spreading our wings to Belsize Park


A busy week to report back on…Crouch End Festival completed and our first delivery of produce to Budgens Belsize Park We’ve been very busy with various events for the Crouch End Festival…the last day of which was on Sunday…it was a great local festival and a pleasure to be involved with, it was wonderful to … Continue reading

Our new film: FOOD from the SKY the stories of 2011

Our new 'green' house

OUR NEW FILM IS OUT!!! Freshly baked this morning by Ayako who created a lovely creation telling some of the stories, talks, poetry, images, connections and collaborations of our year 2011 on the roof of Thornton’s Budgens.  It is like what Khalil Gibran says:  Work is Love made Visible. Thank you warmly to Andrew, Aya, … Continue reading


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