Weekend wonderfulness and a special party this Wednesday!

Seed2Seed free taster 2012

Our Seed2seed food growing course: FREE taster session on Saturday was a big success!

Despite the grey, rainy weather 25 people braved the wet conditions to join us on the roof (a true test of their commitment to the reality of gardening – often the weather can provide challenging conditions!).  Assembled snugly under our makeshift gazebo/tarpaulin ceiling, Azul and Jack really brought the course to life – sharing their knowledge, passion and the journey that will be Seed2seed.

It really was a team effort on the day – huge appreciations to Azul and Jack for their energy – inspiring many people to sign up! Thanks also to volunteers Ben and Susie for helping with preparation, as well as our wonderful apprentices Fred and Charlotte for supporting the event too.

We’re now almost fully booked for the first few sessions, and halfway booked for the remainder of the course. Keep sharing the details to anyone else you know who may be interested in our Seed2seed course.









I must also draw your attention to the special party for Azul this Wednesday.

A SHAPE SHIFTING PARTY (on the day of spring equinox is very appropriate) to mark the time that Azul is stepping away from the day to day management role at FOOD from the SKY. She will now join the board of directors to contribute to FOOD from the SKY in a different and important way. Please come along at 1pm this Wednesday to join us in a feast and celebration of the wonderful contributions she has made in establishing and growing the organisation!


Of course we also have the usual weekly activities to get involved in:

Wednesday – work day with Sarah 10am-1pm

(regular or first-timers – everyone is welcome)

Please arrive at 10am for briefing. Remember to bring warm clothing (all weather gear), strong shoes and gloves.

Friday – work day with Jack – anytime between 8am-4pm

Our harvests are rapidly increasing with the warmer weather, and any extra hands are very much appreciated. It is an early start, but the work is fun and rewarding! No obligation to stay for the whole day.

Remember to bring: plenty of warm clothing (all weather gear), strong shoes, gloves, flask of warm drink

Look forward to seeing you this week

Sarah x


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