the Garden of Bangladesh has started!

Yesterday a dynamic, creative and knowledgeable group of women and men from Bangladesh responded to an invitation to create the Garden of Bangladesh on the roof of FOOD from the SKY.  The invitation came out after a year of building relationships with the employees of Thornton’s Budgens sharing moving stories about their land and their love of food and eating!

In the Garden of Bangladesh: Thornton’s Budgens employees are encouraged and supported to design and create a model ‘balcony’ garden with vegetables and herbs from their Land.

In 2011 this will showcase Bangladeshi food to the public, and demonstrate how it can be grown in the UK, even in a tiny concrete space.

The Bangladesh Garden will celebrate a local culture, broadening the interest of our education programme and open days. The next meeting is on the 6th Feb 10am:  All welcome!

2 Responses to “the Garden of Bangladesh has started!”
  1. andrew thornton says:

    The team really loved the meeting and the whole project is creating a real buzz!!

  2. Fantastic the Bangladesh garden at Hampton Court last year was the best one there. And the plants edible and stunningly beautiful. I ues a photo of one of the flowers on my facebook page.
    We want to grow some of these varities in Southwark were can we get seeds please?

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